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Astrakhan Technical Institute of Fisheries was founded in 1930. The history of its growth, development and expansion of educational and scientific activity is marked by the Institute’s transforming in 1994 into Astrakhan State Technical University (ASTU).

All the following changes in the life and structure of the University always met the international requirements to institutions of higher education as well as the needs of the state and the regions.

The University is licensed to conduct an educational activity and is awarded a State Accreditation Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Permanent aspiration of university’s scientists to expand their research provides for the development of the University and increases its role as of an educational establishment and as of a scientific center as well. This also results in the growth of teachers’ professional skills and the quality of undergraduate training. The University constantly improves forms and methods of training and offers its teaching staff new opportunities for innovation both in teaching and research. The success of the University’s education policy is confirmed by the fact that among its graduates there are governors, managers of large businesses, world-famous scientists.

At present, the structure of the University includes several Institutes: the Institute of Distance Learning, the Institute of Marine Technologies, Power Engineering and Transport, The Institute of Biology and Nature Management, the Institute of Information technologies and Communications, The Institute of Economics, The Institute of Oil and Gas. There are several Faculties at the University as well: the Mechanical Faculty, the Faculty of Law; the Faculty of Fisheries, the Faculty of Applicant Preliminary Training, the Faculty of Optional Vocational Training; the Faculty of International Student Preliminary Training, the Faculty of Secondary Vocational education. There is an affiliate of the University in the Moscow Oblast. Besides, there are several colleges that provide secondary engineering training under auspices of the University.

Astrakhan Technical Institute of Fisheries is established in 1930 by Order of People’s Commissariat of Home and Foreign Trade № 693.

Astrakhan Technical Institute of Fisheries is renamed into Astrakhan State Technical University by Order of the State Committee of Higher Professional Education of RF from 1994.

Astrakhan State Technical University is renamed into Federal State Educational Institution of higher Professional Education «Astrakhan State Technical University» by Order of the State Committee on Fisheries of RF № 25 from 27.01.2003.


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